Powerful Star Configuration Today: Star of David – Merkaba – Grand Sextile Portal


This image is from Mystic Mamma. Check out the site at http://www.mysticmamma.com

The stars and planets align in an amazing 3 dimensional star formation today, July 29, 2013.  It is actually two Grand Trines, one in Water and one is Earth (all feminine) which create this configuration called a Grand Sextile or a Star Tetrahedron.  If we choose to tune into the energy created by this astrological event, it is a time for great manifestation of our intentions.  Here is what Pat Liles from www.thepowerpath.com has to say about this time:

“The chart I am personally looking forward to occurs on July 29th. It’s a highly exceptional chart of sacred geometry forming a Grand Sextile. THAT IS RARE!!!!! It is formed by a planet in every other sign all around the zodiac, and here, they are in all three Earth signs and all three Water signs, which makes it in the feminine polarity.”
“It’s not a long lasting influence/chart because one of the Earth signs is formed by the rapidly moving Moon, but while the Moon in Taurus moves from 4º-9º from early morning to early evening, it will be completing the final point of this Grand Sextile or six-pointed star. It seems the heavens are aligning in a rare portal.”
“In addition, that six-pointed star consists of Two Grand Trines (both Kites) – one in water signs, one in earth signs, and two Mystic Rectangles (a surprisingly practical formation). Only the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries are not part of the formation, and they throw down with some much needed tension and dynamism added to the pot.”
“The Sun forms a wide Finger of God to Pluto and Neptune and squares the North and South Nodes – so you know some evolution and adaptation will be taking place. Uranus forms a T-Square with Pluto and Mars-Jupiter. These last two arrangements will help us identify and excavate the barriers to our participation in the ease and opportunities of the feminine collective energies offered us now through the Grand Trine.”
“Who knows how it will manifest? But focusing your intentions, meditating on what you want to bring into manifestation, holding the highest consciousness of the feminine archetype and dreaming a beautiful dream of how you want the world to be would be ‘right use’ of a configuration of this magnitude.”
“Eliminate the resistance and fear of change and old models of scarcity and powerlessness that exist inside you, thus defusing these energies out in the world. Give your top priority to using this day of supreme perfection for creating something beautiful, healing and inclusive with the support of the quantum field and the planets.”

Enjoy this amazing day and this opportunity to ask for peace.   May we find peace, beauty, healing, and inclusiveness in this world and in this life.  Kim