Release – Astrology Forecast for February

horseThe Theme for February is RELEASE

We are entering February fully charged, very ripe, a bit impatient, and with lots of psychological and emotional inventory that we have been digesting, filing and restocking our inner shelves with.  We have set our intentions, organized ourselves as best we could, tried to anticipate what’s ahead and are now ready for the gate to open so we can move forward in a release of energy that will be very productive for some of us, and could be very disruptive for others.

Some releases will be breakthroughs, some could feel destructive or chaotic, some devastating, some empowering and incredibly energizing. However this movement and release happens, it should be ultimately a relief on some level. It is like finally getting to eliminate after you have been holding a full bladder.

What are some of the areas of possible release?

  1. Old emotional baggage that has been percolating up to the surface for the past few weeks, months or even years. All of us will have some level of release in this area. It may show up as a highly emotional time where your response is way more dramatic than the trigger would indicate. If you find yourself releasing in a big way emotionally, give it space and allow it without trying to identify or overthink the reason behind the outburst.
  2. A build up of intention, focus and discipline around a project or goal. If you have worked on getting all of your ducks in a row and getting organized around gathering the energy, resources, information and support needed for a project or goal, you may experience a release of this energy that will move the project along. Be prepared for it.
  3. Psychological identity patterns you have been chewing on for weeks, months or even years. Many of us have been working intentionally on clearing patterns that no longer serve us, sometimes collecting a lot of information about ourselves in the process. These belief systems collect experiences and energies throughout our lives until we are literally “full of it”. Before the dam breaks, it is useful to be proactive in releasing the net that has held our identity together so we can make use of the choice to shift how things are.
  4. Ability to have what we want. This is an area of releasing a certain backlog of deprivation due to our past belief that the world does not support us and who we are as conscious beings. All the prayers and intentions and spiritual study we have put into ourselves is now a pregnancy at full term. The challenge will be in the allowing for things to be different, easy, abundant and supportive.
  5. The release of the mind and how it holds worry, anxiety, judgment, priorities, and all the information it is convinced you can’t live without. The mind is over full and begging for release. Many of our addictions and desire for escape is due to an over full mind of worry, anxiety, chaos, and judgment. The lesson here is in allowing the heart to prioritize for you instead of the mind, which is often fear based.

(We help both with release as well as priorities on the support Mp3 for this month)

One of the main lessons and certainly a sub-theme for the month is PRIORITIES. Learning how to prioritize will be key to staying balanced this month and to moving with ease and grace through the releases you will experience as well as in choosing where to focus on your overly abundant and well-stocked plate.

Priorities are not always what you think they should be. Some priorities stem from what is emotionally important rather than what is practically important. We are not accustomed to listening as well to what our heart tells us is a priority rather than our mind. For example, if you have not given yourself the time or space to grieve a certain loss or spend some quality rest time, and your emotional container is overfull, it becomes a priority even though your mind may tell you differently. Your mind may say you have too much to do and you are too busy at work or with other disciplines to take the time to rest or to grieve. If you are not proactive with your emotional priorities, especially the releases this month, the dam may just break and you will not find yourself releasing with grace and ease but rather more dramatically such as through an accident, illness or emotional break down.

Do some work on your priorities and see if you can identify the emotionally important ones, as they will be the ones to pay attention to this month.

There could be overwhelm and a little chaos this month as well. Think of finally being admitted into a store that has just had its shelves totally restocked with more choices than you ever had before. If you don’t know what you are looking for you could get overwhelmed with too many choices.  It is important to identify what you are looking for from your heart rather than your mind. Pay attention to right timing and to what shows up. Trust.


This is a month that will allow you to gain some momentum in the areas of your life that have felt stagnant and loaded with no release in sight. For some it will be psychological, for some emotional, and for others a positive movement towards long dreamed of goals. It is important not to get ahead of yourself and to learn pacing in your priorities. If you can learn the lessons of ease and grace in your approach to all things, it will serve you well. The month has that to offer as well as a chance to rebalance how you use your energy in gathering and then releasing. The opportunity is for releasing how you hold fear, worry and anxiety. It is time to re imprint yourself with the notion that everything has its right timing and everything of importance will get done.


Relationships are always a test of whatever energies we are working through in a time frame. This month is a good one for releasing expectations and judgments. If you can do that for even a few of your relationships, you are well ahead. Easier said than done but there is tremendous freedom in this release. Take some time every day and release some expectation you have of either yourself or of another. Observe the space you create in doing that.

Take some time every day and release a judgment that you have of yourself or someone else. Observe the space and freedom you create in this release.

On another note, the energy being released around projects and goals and dreams could also magnetize new relationships into your life. Practice neutrality in expectation and judgment with each of these new connections.


The environment is having fun releasing energy. Locations that have had too much or too little of something may get just the opposite this month. Too warm may shift to unseasonably cold. Too dry may shift to unseasonably wet. We may see extremes in tides, earth activity, storms, winds etc. Work with the environment and whatever it is manifesting at the time. Use it to support your own release. Notice when the environment is charged with energy and use that energy to recharge yourself.

In your personal environment, notice what is full and needing release, like an overfull trashcan. This is a good month to take a few trips to the dump.


It’s all systems go this month. Watch the body’s reaction to stress, worry and anxiety. Watch for old toxins finding a way to be released. Your body will be a great barometer this month on whether you are on the right track for ease and grace or not. Problem areas may include the heart, blood pressure, headaches, joints and bones. This is a good month to do a liver detox and to support the kidneys.

For those of you who are having trouble getting on that horse and riding into your future, it will be important to keep the moving center active and use it with intention that however you engage it (walking, jogging, dancing, etc.), it be symbolic of release and subsequent movement forward.


Be prepared. This is the month when explosive things can happen in business and partnership and around projects. Some of it may be the release of an old form or structure that may be devastating to the personality in the short term but greatly freeing to the essence in the long run. Other releases may be related to breaking through stagnation, or a release of a logjam of energy that had nowhere to go. In this case, be prepared for acceleration and movement that may be beyond what you expected or thought you could handle. Remember to prioritize and to always question what is being asked of you where your mind says yes or no.

If your structure dissolves, acknowledge that there is energy being released that is made available to you for another use. If the project is finally releasing its power to manifest, you better get behind it with your commitment or release yourself from it if its not a good fit, or you might find yourself swept up in its wake. This is an exciting month for all those things we have been praying for and putting daily energy into.


February 1-6: Happy Chinese New Year (February 1) The Year of the Wood Horse. This time frame marks a great change from the quality of the holding pattern some of us have been in. Look for breakage, breakthrough, release, (some difficult, some easy, all positive) change, and a real shift in how you feel physically on the planet at this time. Remember we are under the influence this year of the role of the WARRIOR. Embody the warrior as you step into the movement, the action and the potential of this month.

February 7-13: Adjusting to the frequency and rhythm of this month will require a look at your priorities. This time frame could get a bit overwhelming if you allow your mind to be the boss. This is a great opportunity to let go of all the priorities that are not really important and to allow for timing, space, grace and ease to support whatever is coming into your life at this time.

For some of you there will be energy coming in, and for others energy being released. Whenever you release, you make space for something new. This is the dance this month.

February 14: Full Moon is at 4:55 PM Mountain Standard Time. Happy Valentines Day on this full moon day and a great day to revisit your priorities especially focused on the ones of the heart and what is truly important. You may have to give something up today in order to give yourself the gift of space. Raise the quality of something in your life today as symbolic to the commitment of making yourself and your process the highest priority of all.

February 15-21:Post full moon can either be very energizing as you take the energy being released and put it to good use, or it can be a let down if you have idealized or set an expectation that was too high. Remember right timing, trust, ease and grace. If anything is an effort and feels unsupported (project, relationship, your “to do list”) you are not prioritizing correctly. Go back to the drawing board and observe what is giving you energy and what is taking it. What are you still holding on to that is so full it will burst? Old resentments, anger, disappointments, goals, dreams, wounds, “you owe me’s”?

Allow the release. This is a good time frame for emotional cleansing and release.

February 22-28: This time frame is up and down and up again, and confusing and difficult to sort out whether you are coming or going, releasing or gathering or some of both. Don’t overthink your process, just observe, and when in doubt do something that pleases you and makes you happy. There is a complexity to the energy that can be understood energetically and emotionally but not so much mentally. Use the moving center and get enough exercise. Try not to judge anything, as things will undoubtedly change from one day to the next. Be present, allow for release and think with your heart.

Have a great month!


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