May Astrology – A NEW ALIGNMENT


We have had the theme of alignment before at various times but this month’s focus is different as the main word to pay attention to is NEW.

We have been shaken, rattled, taken apart, and sideswiped by the unexpected. We have had to accept change and embrace the unknown. The eclipses of March and April affected us on a very deep level, with core issues needing to be acknowledged, forgiven and cleared. We all agree that this is a new time with new possibilities and yet the clarity of what’s to come is just beyond our reach. We have glimpsed the potential of more power, but how do we integrate it into our lives?

These times are amazing, unsettled, a bit overwhelming and confusing, scary but awesome at the same time, and full of new opportunities. What is needed now is integration and assimilation that will help create a new alignment serving as a new platform from which we can move forward.

Because everything is different, NEW is the word to keep in mind. It would not serve to try and force things back to an old alignment. Don’t wait for things to “get back to normal” because you may be waiting a long time. The key is to embrace what is new and different and allow the new and different to integrate into your life in some way. This may require really letting go of old expectations or the way you thought things should have been. Work with what you have rather than pining after what you don’t have.

When there is a possibility for a new alignment there is tremendous potential for having things be very different in a positive way. This is your opportunity to dream bigger and to move beyond the limitations of what you always thought possible. This New Alignment will affect finances, relationships, creativity, the physical body, mental health, and success in projects, work, study and play.

In order for this New Alignment to be of the highest vibration possible for you, it will be important that you do not indulge in negativity, regret, blame, Martyrdom, judgment, disappointment, or any attachment to past issues. This is truly an opportunity for a reset of inspiration, priorities, and optimism.

For some of you the month will be challenging depending on how willing you are to forgive the past. For others of you it will feel like a relief from the upheavals of the past couple of months. The goal is to end up with a NEW ALIGNMENT where you feel more powerful, more inspired, more in love, more trusting, more relaxed, more confident, and physically, emotionally and mentally better than you have ever felt.

Helpful hints:

Be around beauty as much as you can.

Laugh and be in humor as much as possible.

Use the discipline of gratitude to keep from wandering to the

past, and sliding into negativity.

Eliminate negative people and environments.

Clean, clear and throw away whatever feels “old”.

Choose a practice you can do every day that will keep your

focus on the NEW.

Allow new and wonderful things into your life.

Watch for synchronicity and pay attention to what shows up.

Clean up your diet and eliminate bad habits.

How the month shows up


This is both an exciting and challenging month. It is always refreshing and inspiring to feel new energies coming in however it may be uncomfortable for those of you with a need for security. It just means that you will have to focus on aligning a new sense of security for yourself that includes a greater trust in things working out no matter what they look like or feel at the moment.

We can’t stress enough the importance of a constant vigil around letting go of the old attachments and expectations. To the extent that you are still attached, you cannot make space for the New Alignment so necessary right now for moving forward. So forgive the past, whatever it is, and allow for the good things that are showing up in your life to take root in a new alignment.

If your life has felt out of balance, this is also the month where you should revisit what balance means to you and where you fell out of balance. Not enough time for self? Not enough stimulation for growth? Not enough love? Too much stress? Too many obligations for other people? Not enough creativity? Whatever it is, spend a bit of time bringing your intentions into a new alignment so you can feel more balanced. You have a great opportunity to actually experience your life in a completely new way so focus on the new and pay attention to what is coming into your life.


Every relationship has an opportunity to be realigned to a new frequency, to a new configuration, to a new balance. Look at each of your important relationships and see if and where they are misaligned. What needs adjustment? Where do you give your power away? What needs a better balance? Where are you spending too much energy, and where not enough? Where are your attachments and where do you have trouble letting go?

This is a beautiful time for feeding the right relationships with love and beauty and bringing them into a New Alignment. If they are not right, it is a beautiful time to let them go. Relationships this month should provide you with an opportunity for inspiration, excitement, community, and higher centered experiences. Especially around community projects, anything that was only talked about but never accomplished has an opportunity to manifest this month as people open themselves up to new experiences and are inspired by collective projects.

Of utmost importance is to bring your relationship with yourself into a new alignment by forgiving the past, neutralizing judgment and resistance and moving towards deep acceptance of who you are.


As we have mentioned many times, the environment always supports what is happening in the big picture. The greater environment is currently supporting great change. It too is striving for a new alignment in magnetic fields, stability, weather patterns and earth movement. We have seen how these adjustments can be devastating in the short term and how resilience, acceptance and flexibility is required for change and a new alignment.

We are likely to see more shifting, movement and adjustments. The New Alignment in the environment will most likely bring about a change in weather and climate and make it difficult to predict anything based on old patterns. Personal flexibility is always called for around weather especially during times of intensity and change.

On the other hand, your personal environment is something you can proactively affect by paying attention to what wants to be changed, cleaned, released, eliminated, moved around, improved or introduced. Since your personal outer environment is also symbolic of your inner personal environment be aware of setting a New Alignment in both. A wise woman once said, “no space on the outside, no space on the inside”. So have your New Alignment include getting rid of physical, emotional, mental and energetic clutter and attachments both in your outer personal environment and your inner personal environment.


The body is having a rough time and has been for a while. This call to a New Alignment is confusing and ungrounded and can cause unnecessary anxiety and worry. The body is used to responding to mental thoughts and beliefs. Fear of the unknown, limiting beliefs, and mistrust of anything new throws the body into suspicion and creates symptoms such as aches and pains and retention of energy related to what it knows at least will keep it alive. Recently the body has had difficulty keeping up with all the changes and upgrades to a higher vibration. The body is often in resistance to change and will be the last to get with the program.

If your body has been less than acceptably functional, have compassion for its struggle and let go of your expectations and judgment. Cut it some slack and nurture it as best you can.

This month you have the opportunity to bring the body online and to bring all pieces into a New Alignment. This will require patience, love, support, understanding and a deeper relationship with your body. Talk to it, appreciate it, honor it, have gratitude for it. Without the body, you have no life on this planet. Commit to taking care of it and do something new this month for your body that honors that commitment.

If you have recently gone through any unexpected physical crisis or condition that is challenging, you have an opportunity this month to reset, realign, rebalance and heal into a new state of well-being.

Since a New Alignment includes a rebalance of electromagnetics within the body it is also helpful to increase your intake of minerals and make sure the water you are drinking is spring, charged, structured, or mineral water.


This is an amazing month for projects. With the theme of New Alignment look for pieces to come together with synchronicity and ease around projects, partnerships and business endeavors. This is the time you have been waiting for. With the focus moving towards alignment rather than towards breaking apart, you can observe perfect chemistry coming together for cooperative efforts. Ideas that were only dreams will suddenly become viable in the physical. But you have to be ready.

Readiness is being able to read the signs, trust the synchronicity and not drag your heels. If it feels easy, it is right and you should trust it. If it is a challenge where every door seems to close, it is not the right path. Look at what is showing up in your life and allow it to align itself to you in a way that supports where you are going. You need not know all the details. You just have to trust.


May 1-7: This is a “down time” that allows for paying attention to the details and giving yourself the time to notice what is leaving your life, what is coming in and what wants to be integrated in this New Alignment. Do not overfill your plate with too much to do, and make sure to leave plenty of space to just feel and BE with the new power and energy that wants to come in as part of the New Alignment without having to DO too much. A big part of this month is about assimilation and balance.

One of the things most out of balance most of the time is how much we spend DOING and how little we give ourselves to just BE. This week, be conscious of this balance and move towards “being” a bit more than you are used to. Work on your receiving, observation and acceptance. Relax, play and dream. The great thing about allowing a New Alignment is that you just have to be willing to allow it. Nothing to “do”.

May 3: Full Moon is Sunday, May 3 at 9:42 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This full moon is a chance for a reset in perception and supports forgiveness, creativity, beauty, appreciation, and all things feminine. It is a chance to experience self-love and the love of spirit. It is a day to reconnect with what is important to the emotional body and to honor your connection to all of nature.

Anything you do today will be supported to be practical, grounded and nurturing. Give yourself time to be out in nature and to appreciate all the beauty around you. Also give yourself the gift of something of the physical realm that you can indulge yourself in, grateful for the ability to manifest.

May 8-15: This is a great window of manifesting change in the form of a New Alignment. Look for unexpected opportunities and make sure you are disciplined about the letting go of what is in the way of what is showing up. This is a time to scrutinize your attachments and move yourself into the flexible position of being able to move into something new without the old holding you back.

Be willing to listen to others that may have great ideas and inspiration around something you yourself cannot yet see. Collaborate when possible with others and be willing to accept support as it shows up. Watch for Impatience during this time as a new power and energy wants to come through you and manifest. Wait for synchronicity and right timing.

May 16-22: Can you have it? This is the theme for this time frame. Doubt can set in when things seem too good to be true or when something that has been going well suddenly takes a turn for the worse. This is a time to build trust and to keep your eye on the goal. There will be ups and downs in energy, self worth, optimism, trust, and doubt.

It is important to keep your vibration high at all costs during this time. Any practice you have that you can do every day even if you don’t feel like it will pay off. Work on your “havingness” and keep resetting your alignment. It is important not to get too fixated on the little things that are not working but rather focus on the larger picture of your life and trust that the new dream is aligning itself whether you are aware of it or not.

May 17: New Moon is Sunday, May 17 at 10:14 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is a deep reset time. You may experience a drop in your energy and feel like hibernating most of the day. This is deep assimilation and should be honored as a still point in your life. Acknowledge the earth and the grounding that Pacha Mama provides. Honor the Sun and its life giving properties.

This is also a good day to revisit your priorities and determine once again what may be out of balance. Make a commitment to rebalance what needs it. If there are still things that need clearing out in order for you to be more balanced, make a plan for that to happen.

May 23-31: This can be a super fun time as long as you are able to laugh and find humor in the challenges that you have navigated or are in the process of navigating. This time is marked by a great desire for community and collaboration especially around creativity and creative projects. The “artisan” role of the year is alive and well and supports personal expression though something new and different.

You will be inspired and enthusiastic about life and all the opportunities, and maybe finally see what is possible in your life that you never thought possible. It is also a time that higher centered experiences are available and you may feel truly inspired by your connection to spirit.

Beware of putting too much on your plate and feeling overwhelmed. Always consider your balance as you allow a New Alignment. It is OK to say no to the things that feel just a little too much for you right now. They will still be there in the future if they are truly aligned.

Have fun, play, laugh and allow!

Many Blessings!
Have a great month,

Lena (