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Organic rose hip seed oil is an indispensable addition to skin cosmetics, lotions and body butters. It is gentle enough to be used directly on the skin. Rosehip seed oil regenerates the skin, reduces scars and wrinkles, and helps prevent the advancement of wrinkles and aging. Rosehip seed oil contains high amounts of Vitamins A and E and essential fatty acids which further promotes healthy skin. In particular, it is rich in linoleic and linolenic acids, which are important skin nutrients.  Rosehip seed oil can be used to treat psoriasis, eczema, scars, stretch marks, UV damaged skin, age spots, brittle nails, and damaged and dry hair.


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Used in external applications, organic rosehip seed oil is a highly effective raw material for various cosmetic products and can also be applied directly to the skin. Our organic rosehip seed oil has a quick absorption rate making it ideal for dry, damaged and wrinkled skin. Some users believe that organic rosehip seed oil contributes to improved skin elasticity and supports cell regeneration. Rosehip seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, particularly Linoleic (C18:2) and Linolenic (C18:3). The color of our unrefined organic rosehip seed oil is a characteristic reddish orange hue.
Not recommended for use on very oily or acne prone skin.

Rosehip seed oil has a delicate nature; it should be kept refrigerated, in a dark cabinet away from light.

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