The Unfolding – July Astrology Forecast

FlowersThe Theme for July 2014 is “THE UNFOLDING”.

This month has the potential to be beautifully inspiring, where we observe how our life is unfolding without any additional effort, and we witness how our choices and changes are influencing what is manifesting for us. Even if you feel that recent changes in your life are not due to your conscious choices, choose the changes anyway. and follow the unfolding, choosing every moment to be present and accepting. This is the position of power.

Right timing is another big theme this month and there will be many lessons around trusting right timing as a means to effortless action.

The image is that of a flower bud unfolding its petals in the right time for it’s blooming. When it gets enough sun, water and nutrients and it has had the time to grow and mature, then the flower will naturally open. If you force the petals open before the time is right, you will ruin the flowering. (There is a great meditation on the monthly support Mp3)

Working through your attachments and expectations will also be another lesson this month. If you have expectations and attachments that cannot accommodate right timing, you may deal with disappointments and stress yourself unnecessarily. This is a huge lesson in trust. You need to trust that the choices and changes that have occurred in your life and the intentions you set for yourself that have come from the heart will unfold for you in the best way possible. You just have to get your false personality and ego that does not trust the process out of the way. If you consciously choose everything that happens to you in your life, that position of power will feed whatever intentions you set with enough chi to cause them to unfold and manifest in the best way possible.

Following the unfolding instead of micromanaging and trying to control, is key to allowing synchronicity and right timing. You know how good it feels and how awed you are when everything just falls into place in a way that you could never have planned yourself but happens to be perfect. This is the feeling you should put behind all of your choices and intentions, intending them to manifest and unfold in the most perfect way possible for you. And then get yourself out of the way and stop obsessing. It is important to understand that obsession is a limiting factor in allowing things to flow and unfold. Obsession is putting limitations on the potential of how your choice can manifest. So follow the unfolding and be in wonder at the intelligence of spirit. Remember spirit is you and you are spirit so really you are always in the drivers seat whether it feels like it or not.

How do you follow the Unfolding?

You observe and pay attention to what is happening around you and in your life. You pay attention to what and who is showing up and even if it does not make any rational sense to you, you follow your heart and what it tells you. You see all situations as potential for movement and power. You make constant choices to be present and accepting and you claim a certain right to things working out just the way they should. (Jose’s Mp3 on the 4 steps to manifesting is a good reminder of this process)

Recently I had a water heater go out in my home resulting in a messy situation. Instead of falling into a negative attitude about the inconvenience, cost, water damage, time etc., I chose to see that I chose the timing to be right. I happened to be home, my handyman friend happened to be available (on a Saturday evening), and as I chose to get into the flow of what needed to be done, it all happened with ease and grace. The water heater was old and ready to go. I chose the right timing and all I had to do was to follow the unfolding without resistance. It really did turn out better than I could have ever expected and got a clean closet out of it too.

Resistance, denial, impatience, martyrdom, anger, blame, doubt, judgment (self and others), stubbornness, and despair, are all part of the minefield of reactions that will put you into a negative spiral and cut you off from the potential positive outcome. You will have a harder time following the thread of the unfolding and you will feel out of sync with right timing. Whenever you feel that the universe is conspiring against you, turn that attitude around to claiming the situation as your own choice.

The exciting thing this month is to be able to observe and witness your intentions and choices take shape and form. Many of you have been patiently feeding a focus of what it is that you want in life. You have been choosing and praying and working on your ability to receive. If your intentions are of the heart, and you are able to trust in right timing, you will witness their unfolding and follow what is showing up. It is a great month for manifesting and energies are aligned for manifesting in a way they have not been for a long time.

The key will be in how much you allow yourself to have and receive. (We help with this on out monthly support Mp3)

This is called “Havingness”. How much can you have? What are you worth? If spirit were to shower you with an unimaginable gift, could you receive it, own it, claim it, and welcome it? How much more can you receive? In energy, love, abundance, wisdom, talent?

This is a big part of staying present and observing what is unfolding as well as choosing and claiming it. Even if you are experiencing something that is showing up for you that you would consider negative, challenging, painful or intense, the way you experience it as a powerful energy will make the difference between whether it ends up empowering you or disempowering you. Fully experiencing what spirit is putting in front of you will increase your havingness whether you see it as negative or positive.

What if what is Unfolding is something you don’t want and it is perhaps due to a choice you made that was not of spirit, or the heart, or you made it for someone else? Stay neutral, don’t judge, and make another choice. In a way this month will show you what your choices are bringing you in their unfolding. You could say you get to observe and experience the consequences of your choices. The more neutral you can stay in your observation, the faster you can choose something different if you don’t like what is unfolding. Always follow your intuition, choose from the heart and don’t be attached to the outcome.

Use humor as a lubricant as you follow the thread of unfolding, and always be inspired by the beauty and perfection of spirit as it unfolds your life before you.


How the month shows up


This is a great month to self observe with neutrality and humor. It is a time to be in complete acceptance and to practice training the mind to relinquish control. There will be many lessons that will teach you instantly about what works and what does not. You can either be amused or in despair. Remember there is never a “stupid” choice, just one that perhaps does not serve you as well as another choice would have. This of course becomes clear in the unfolding.

Because this is such an outwardly manifesting month where you can really see the results of your intentions, the lessons come fast and furious. Don’t get stuck on the “could have, should have, would have” reflections of the past. Instead set a new intention and be proactive with your discipline, focus and prayers. And then sit back and observe what is unfolding.

Personally this could be a great month for breakthroughs where you experience your ability to manifest in a co creative way with spirit. An expanded sense of self is also possible as the month carries with it an opportunity for higher centered experiences.


Don’t try and second-guess relationships. This month they may be confusing and take twists and turns and what unfolds around relationships in your life may make no rational sense. You will need to trust that the reactions and movement in relationships has a purpose and order and the mind may not be able to process what that is for some time.

Remember not to take anything personally as others are busy in their own reactions which can sometimes turn into projections. We always recommend being around people who are on the same page and who can teach you something and who have your best interests at heart. Make sure you surround yourself with others that are doing their work and are able to bring laughter and beauty and love into your life.

This is a good month to complete karmic agreements, practice forgiveness and move on from any situation or experience that still triggers feelings of blame, rejection, anger or emotional pain. Let it go and move on.


The lesson this month is to be in your environment without resistance or wishing it was different. Whatever is unfolding in your life, accept it, welcome it, choose it, and then take the proper action to either change how you are engaged with it or surrender to enjoying the power of what is available to you. For example, if you are caught in a storm, rather than judge your timing, or lack or preparation, or focusing on your discomfort, acknowledge the power available and make a choice to be present with it. Then you can take right action with neutrality and find shelter or do whatever you feel you need to.

If your personal environment is unfolding with unexpected challenging situations, deal with them with humor and an attitude of using everything as a bid for power. On the other hand if your environment is unfolding for you in a really good way, be present with that experience and pay attention to your ability to have.


This is an excellent month to reset your intentions and commitments for greater physical health and then watch how that unfolds for you. If you are a person who has struggled with finding resources, answers, or your own disciplines for greater health and well being, pay attention to what is unfolding and you may be surprised at the synchronicity of the right thing showing up at the right time.

Whenever you set an intention for something like physical health or losing weight or changing your addictive habits, make sure you discipline the mental chatter that tries to convince you that “it won’t work this time either”. This is where trust in spirit comes in as well as trust in your intentions of the heart. Make sure you want better health because you want it and not just to please another. Watch for tests from your false personality that tries to seduce you away from what you know is right for you.


This is a great month to watch projects and new ideas and inspiring changes take hold and unfold and manifest. Those of you who have worked really hard at refining what you want and practicing setting your intentions in the right way will be rewarded as you witness the unfolding of your dreams. Collaboration is a big theme in business and other ventures. Invest in something that is truly meaningful to you and you will not go wrong. It is a good month for expanding your ability to have and receive, so taking a risk in something that is chosen from the heart and that you believe in will likely have positive results.

There is an opportunity for great abundance and prosperity this month if you can have it and receive it. It is a good time to work on any scarcity consciousness you may still carry from your imprinting, ancestors or personal experiences. If you are carrying a scarcity mentality, it will become obvious to you in what you see unfolding in your life. Don’t despair, accept it as part of who you are and then harness the power to make a different choice that will change it. Do this without judgment, regret, blame or attachment. ( The Mp3’s suggested earlier are a good support)


July 1-7: This is a time to slow everything down and relax the tight hold you tend to have on your life. Especially those of you who make a habit of mental obsession and stressing over what could be or could potentially go wrong. It is a good time to practice being open to right timing and to trust spirit. Pay attention and observe. Be flexible if what is unfolding demands it. Watch judgment especially self-judgment and turn any tendency of disappointment towards acceptance. Hold the attitude that everything is unfolding perfectly and just the way it should. Learn to trust that everything will work out OK in the end.

July 8-15: An expansive time of beauty, creativity and manifesting. This is a higher centered window that can allow for exquisite connections in relationships, a deeper sense of gratitude, and an amazing experience of abundance and the power to manifest. It is a crucial time to be doing what you want and with the people you want to be with. This is also a great window to be setting new foundations that identify with a greater expanded self in all areas.

If you experience your life unfolding in ways you would rather not experience, this time frame supports making new choices and setting new intentions. Remember to honor and appreciate with gratitude the choices you have made in the past that have led you to unfold your life as it is in the present.

July 12: Full Moon is at 5:25 AM Mountain Daylight Time. It is a time for gratitude, for raising your ability to have, and for receiving what is unfolding in your life. If these areas need work, set some intentions to reset your foundation so that what unfolds for you is increased in ways you desire. Pay attention to humor, beauty and all of the support you have. This full moon is a celebration and a time for expansion and great prosperity. Do or get something that is a symbol of prosperity for you.

July 16-23: This time frame supports being in the flow of right timing and synchronicity. You will need to pay attention and to be present. It is also a time that you can witness your increased ability to have by what is unfolding and manifesting for you. The lessons and opportunities are about allowing yourself to have more joy, love, abundance and beauty without guilt, doubt or fear. Watch doubt as it may try and convince you that it is too good to be true or that you haven’t paid the price of suffering and struggle for what is unfolding in your life. This is a time when you may need to work on your self worth and do some claiming and welcoming of what is knocking at your door. Remember that whatever it is that is showing up, you chose it and you co-created it and you are therefore responsible to receive, embrace and enjoy it.

July 24-31: Allow yourself to be nurtured in ways you have not been able to receive before. This is a time to pay attention to the all the abundance around you in nature and in all the support you have. It is a time for receiving, for building your power reserves and your chi. It is an excellent time to be out in nature and to practice being neutral, not taking anything personally and working on your deserve-ability. If what is unfolding needs some additional support, this is a good time to ask for that.

July 26: New Moon is at 4:42 PM Mountain Daylight Time. Take a break. Honor the still point of neutrality, that special time when anything is possible. It is the pinpoint of change and all it takes is a shift in your perception and an allowing of your desires and dreams to unfold in a way that supports your highest good. So if things are not right in your life, use this New Moon still point to make a permanent and significant shift.

Have a great month,


The Monthly support Mp3 this month can be listened to more than once and even once a day if desired. It has useful processes to help you with understanding and making the most of the energies of the month.

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