June Astrology Forecast – Creative Action

CreativityHere is the best analogy and description of the month.

Let’s say you had a room in your home that you were inspired to change, to remodel, and to upgrade. Let’s say it is the kitchen. You have been trying to figure out how to make it more of what you want to better support you and your life. But the space is small and you have not come up with a solution that is better than what you currently have, which has worked fine up till now, but you need your kitchen to be better aligned with something that has recently changed in you. You feel stuck around solving this issue.

All of a sudden, maybe through someone else’s fresh eyes, you have a breakthrough and see something you have not considered before; to make the kitchen bigger, to expand the footprint, giving you more room in which to create your change. Now you feel inspired and energized and ready for action. The action brings an element of chaos, as things are torn apart and rebuilt and you push into a new space. It is messy and you think it will never be finished. But you are patient and hold on to the vision that inspired you in the first place.

The “kitchen” is symbolic of any area of your life that has felt stuck. Perhaps you have gone round and round in your mind about what to do around certain intentions that just did not seem to get moving. The CREATIVE ACTION theme of the month brings in a new element of moving beyond the need to know and moving your creativity outside the box that will expand your ideas of what’s possible as well as support the action that will help them manifest.

The “artisan” role of the year reigns supreme this month. This CREATIVE ACTION will have a tendency to be chaotic and slightly disorganized. It will be important to know what you want and to take extra steps to be as grounded and as practical as possible. There can also be an element of destruction this month as all intense creativity leaves some destruction in its wake. Perhaps to create more space in your ”kitchen” you had to break into a rock wall leaving an explosive mess in the process. Don’t get stuck in the despair of the mess and remember to trust your baby steps. Look beyond the chaos and keep your focus on the larger vision of the fabulous outcome that will greatly improve your life.

Watch Impatience as it could easily lead to Martyrdom and trust what is showing up. This is a highly productive month excellent for manifesting as long as you can trust the process, don’t get lost in the chaos, or stuck in the fear of making a wrong choice, or unable to prioritize.

Helpful hints:

Be clear about what you want.

Don’t “overthink” everything.

Accept your “growing pains”. They will pass.

Enjoy the process. The end result will happen as long as you keep things moving.

Get enough exercise.

Accept the chaos. It is temporary.

Trust what is showing up.

Don’t “think” too long before acting on an opportunity.

Too much on your plate? Prioritize based on what you value the most.


How the month shows up


Especially for you procrastinators, this is an excellent month to “do it now”. Look at all of the things in your life that you have been “putting off” due to a lack of knowledge, support or motivation. Set new intentions that you will receive everything you need in order to move ahead with creativity and inspiration and then trust that it will be so. There is often fear around the unknown and resistance around blindly following what it showing up. The lessons this month are about trust and being willing to step right into opportunity when it shows up.

There is an opportunity here as well to create a better balance in your life so that you can handle more. The challenge will be to trust that things will still continue to unfold and manifest even if you are not tracking and micromanaging things every second of the day. Creativity includes creatively resting as well as having fun. The Mp3 is helpful with this.

Take advantage this month of the higher centered influence especially around the full moon to inspire a stronger connection to a higher spiritual plane.


The strongest aspect this month around relationships is in finding creative ways of being together and doing things together. A sudden inspiration to take a quirky trip with a loved one or a group of friends can turn into a reality if you let it. Why not?

The tried and true becomes boring and stale this month. Try something new and different. Don’t eat at the same restaurant or walk the same trail. You may also be inspired and motivated to spend time in building new relationships, connecting with new people perhaps even around new projects or new interests. Join a club, sign up for a class.

There is also movement and action in relationships both towards and away from current configurations. Those who need to sever unhealthy alliances will find the motivation and courage to do so, and those who have been attracted to each other from a distance will find opportunity to finally connect.

And those who have only been dreaming about someone new in their life may actually find themselves creating it this month.

Watch for chaos in your perception about where a relationship is going. Clear communication is key especially as we could have challenges in that area. Otherwise the artisan mind can make up all kinds of things that may or may not be true.


The environment is highly charged, creative, spontaneous, unpredictable, radical and intense. This goes for the outside larger planetary environment as well as for the inner personal environment. Radical events can often unground us and unseat our security. Stay connected to nature and make sure there is something constant in your personal environment that you can always count on during times of unexpected intensity. The Mp3 is helpful here

Since the Eclipses in April, our inner compass has been a bit unsteady and unstable looking for a new alignment and stability. This will not come from the outside environment but a new position will be set based on your own inner environment. The more you are connected with your emotional knowing, the more accurate your compass will be. Don’t let the mind and what it thinks it knows get in the way.

This is a water year, and the element of water is emotional. So water will continue to be our barometer and teacher, showing us what is still out of balance emotionally, where we have too much and where there is too little. Nature is highly creative and will be creatively very active this month.


Exercise will be key to your personal health this month. This is a fiery month that can activate liver heat, skin rashes, intestinal discomfort and nervous agitation fueled by impatience and anger. Having a release valve for excess energy is very helpful if not crucial. Creative Action also calls for being creative with your movement and what you do with your physical body. You may be inspired to change how you look and how you show up physically. Or you may be inspired to be more creative in your diet and your routines.

Since this is a month where creative problem solving and breakthroughs are possible, you are likely also to find solutions to health problems you never thought you could overcome and take advantage of opportunities for new attitudes and beliefs around your health and well-being. If you have been feeling stuck around certain physical issues, this may be the month where everything starts to flow and move once again.


This is a really good month for collaboration and bringing new creative ideas to the table where they can finally have the support to take root. Projects that have been unmoving or feeling stuck for a while will break loose and either die a good death or find new support and become energized and active. Make sure you have a good sense about what you want and make sure you are clear about what you don’t want.

Watch for the “sticks in the mud”, those who are reluctant to think outside the box or move forward, always putting the breaks on out of fear.   You may have to do some purging of stuck energy related to old alliances and agreements made in the past that can no longer “get with the program”.

This is not the month to be the “lone wolf”. Trust your support and go with cooperation, collaboration, the sharing of tasks and accepting support whenever possible. Remember that two heads are often better than one.


June 1-7: We launch right into creative action, a definite change from the more passive energies of allowing a new alignment last month. Allow for the new alignment to guide the action and notice where the inspiration is and what is coming into your life. What are you inspired by? Where are the breakthroughs? Where are you motivated to action?

If anything this time may open up too many opportunities and you may need to prioritize and make sure there is some balance in your life.

The qualities around the full moon on the 2nd introduce influences that will be guiding us over the next few days. Acknowledge your support and stay grounded. The Mp3 is helpful for staying grounded

June 2: Full Moon is Tuesday, June 2 at 10:18 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This moon is energized, inspiring, and supports creative action and breakthrough in ideas, problem solving and new ways of approaching something. Watch Impatience and beware of frustration around not being able to do everything at the same time. Allow yourself to be inspired and lifted by what is showing up most powerfully. There is plenty of time. Do one thing at a time and take that action with enthusiasm.

This is an especially good time for anything that has felt stuck, sluggish and confusing to find a new creative approach and you may suddenly find that you have way more support around a project than you had originally perceived. Allow the support to help you and the movement to flow. There is a higher centered wave of energy available right now that can energize the daily activity to a higher spiritual plane but will make things feel a bit otherworldly and less grounded. To take advantage of the higher centered influence you will need to trust something other than your rational mind.

June 8-15: The creative path when synchronized with the path of the heart is a curvy, scenic one of beauty, spontaneity, surprising landscapes and unexpected encounters. The only way to experience this path is to enjoy the journey. If you are impatiently focused on “getting to your destination”, you will miss the magic of the process. It is important that you remember to be patient during this time and to accept the growing pains that may happen due to moving outside the box and outside your comfort level into new territory.

Enjoy the fun of getting to know new landscapes and new people and experiment with new ways of showing up. This could be a really fun time if you don’t overthink, over manage and over control. When in doubt, take a deep breath of expansion.

This time frame will have bursts of new creative energy mixed with times of overwhelm, confusion and a bit of chaos.

June 16: New Moon is Tuesday, June 16 at 8:06AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This new moon supports a reset in your sense of balance. Whatever you have not had enough of in the past couple of weeks, take some of it today or do some of it today. For some, it will be much needed rest. For some much needed social time. For others it may be physical exercise.

It is also a creative time that may inspire you to want something different. Just make sure you build the balance into whatever you are inspired to do.

June 16-22: This could be a very sweet time full of productivity, synchronicity, good times with loved ones and old and new friends. There is right timing, synchronicity, creative expression, easy opportunity and things just feel like they are moving along smoothly. It is a beautiful time, the calm before the storm.

If you are not experiencing this, you are probably focusing in the wrong direction or on the wrong things. It may be time for a reality check on your priorities around what matters to you in your life. If you are struggling or putting way too much effort into something without results, it may be time to let it go or make a radical change.

June 21: Summer Solstice is Sunday, June 21 at 10:37 AM Mountain Daylight Time. (MDT) This is a great marker of everything we love about this time of year. It is communal and energized, and we feel our ideas, creativity and new inspiration moving into full bloom. We feel connected emotionally to who we are in a new way and open to love in ways we have not experienced before. This is a good day to celebrate the sun and the marriage between earth and sky as well as the powerful collaboration between your own masculine and feminine energies.

June 23-31: This could be a time of challenge where what is not yet cleared that threatens you new found identity will rear its ugly little head for you to take one last horrified disgusted look before you banish it forever. Easier said than done, as the false personality can be very convincing in its desire to survive.

Navigating this enflamed time will take some discipline. Always remember who you are, remember who everyone else is, remember why you are here, remember to love, to forgive and that life is a roller coaster ride. So enjoy all of it.

This time gives us the ultimate and best opportunity to finally move beyond those pesky negative patterns that have ruled our lives for so long. It can stop here and it should stop here. Remember not to blame, not to take things personally, not to indulge in Martyrdom, to be creative and have fun and be social despite the growing pains, and to get support. We are all in this together!

Many Blessings!

Have a great month,

Lena  (www.thepowerpath.com)