About Us

At Ancient Ways Botanicals we believe that plants are an expression of the Earth’s wisdom – a wisdom that is wholesome and natural. Today, many of us hunger for an authentic experience of this wisdom, which comes as healthful living, a deep knowing of self, a heart-felt connection to each other, and a feeling of belonging with the Earth. Ancient Ways Botanicals offers essential oils, aromatherapy blends, body care products and guides to simple practices to help support and nurture our relation to the Earth, each other, and ourselves.

Ancient Ways Botanicals is committed to organic agriculture and providing products of the finest quality. Whenever possible, Ancient Ways Botanicals’ products are organic, wild crafted, or cultivated by small scale or family farmers. Ancient Ways Botanicals imports essential oils and associated products from some of the finest growers and distillers in the world with suppliers from France, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and the United States.

Customer service and satisfaction are central to the success of Ancient Ways Botanicals. We are dedicated to customer relations, quick turnaround on orders, and a policy of fairness and good will, while providing the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

About Our Logo

The Ancient Ways Botanicals logo has special meaning to us. It symbolizes what we call a “Healing Circle”. We see healing circles as sacred and go to them for the answers to many of our questions.

Healing circles have been used since ancient times by many cultures throughout history and are known by many names. Native American tribes use medicine wheels; the Celtic stone circles were thought to be used as temples, calendars, or even astronomical observatories; and the Chinese used the Element Wheel. Although each has its nuanced meanings, each culture honored the 4 directions and the natural rhythms of nature through these circles.