It’s the Spring Equinox. Welcome Spring!

Dear Friends, HAPPY SPRING! Our lives move in cycles, much like nature moves from one season to the next. The harvest and seed time of fall leads to the darkness and dormancy of winter which ushers in the emergence and … Continue reading

Awakening the Water Element: Essential Oils and Your Yoga Practice

See earlier article, Awaken Your Elemental Self: Essential Oils and Your Yoga Practice at for introduction to using essential oils in your yoga practice, the Earth Element, and safety guidelines. The Water Element (Apah, Jala) The water element in the … Continue reading

Are you ready for a severe flu season?

Achy body, pounding head, chills, fever, sore throat…sounds like you’ve caught the bug going round. Influenza or flu is hitting early and hard this season. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), this year’s flu season is well under … Continue reading