Our Favorite Books

We have complied a list of our favorite books on essential oils and aromatherapy.

The first book I always reach for to find out about the healing properties of an essential oil or to connect a specific health or beauty issue with a healing oil is The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia LawlessIt is very concise and clear and a great starting point.

Illustrated throughout in full color, this indispensable reference work is a complete A-to-Z compendium of essential oils, with extensive information about the origins, properties, uses, and actions.

After this, I find myself searching for more in-depth information.  I often reach for one of the following books:

This distinguished organic chemist shares his in depth knowledge of the particular current value of essential oils for health on all levels.

A necessary resource for anyone interested in alternative approaches to healing, this book contains more than 600 easy-to-follow recipes for essential oil treatments and aromatherapy.

Kurt Schnaubelt, a chemist and longtime aromatherapy practitioner, provides scientific proof for the efficacy of essential oils, explained clearly and logically. Advanced Aromatherapy draws on the most recent research to demonstrate how essential oils work on the cells and microbes of the body.  These chemical changes affect emotional states as well as physical ones. Advanced Aromatherapy explains how to treat symptoms ranging from hay fever to stress disorders with predictable results.

If I want to go into even greater depth I go to:

The Essential Oil Desk Reference contains everything including how essential oils work, chemistry of essential oils, safety and comprehensive individual essential oil information (including blends) in an A-Z format.  It contains a thorough personal usage reference (listed A-Z for easy reference).  It also has a section “emotional response with essential oils”.  This book is expensive, but very comprehensive.

My favorite book for learning about essential oils and healing the spirit is:

This lovely book synthesizes Eastern and Western approaches to restoring emotional and mental health. In this unique synthesis of Eastern and Western healing approaches, Gabriel Mojay combines the practice of aromatherapy with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. Mojay explains the esoteric and energetic healing properties of 40 essential oils and shows how they can be used to manipulate qi, the body’s vital energy, to stimulate healing from negative emotional and mental states. Some forms of nervous tension, for example, are caused by stagnant qi energy, which can be released with essential oils.

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit provides help for a wide range of common emotional and mental complaints–including depression, low energy, lack of concentration, poor memory, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Easy-to-reference charts and full-color illustrations teach simple aromatherapeutic massage and acupressure techniques that restore balance to the body and psyche.

Another favorite for learning more about the history of essential oils is: