Smudges are an excellent and easy way to clear a room or home of stale, negative energy. They are also used in ceremony to help cleanse the body or environment. Mugwort can be used as a smudge to provide protection during ceremony. The unburned herb can also be used to enhance one’s dream time. White sage is used for clearing the ceremonial space before ceremony. Cedar is used during prayer to help prayers rise to the Creator. In the Pacific North West Indian Nations it is used for a house blessing ceremony. Sweetgrass is a most sacred herb to the Plains Indian nations and is used after sage or cedar in a ceremonial space to invite good influences to a ceremony. White sage, Cedar, and Sweetgrass smudging all help to drive out negative influences in ourselves or in the environment and invite in positive and helpful influences. The practice of smudging helps us to connect and form relations with the unseen world. As modern people many of us have lost the connection to our ancestors, to spirit, and to that which is beyond our immediate senses. Smudges and ceremony help re-establish this connection. It is a practice that connects Heaven and Earth.

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