Spring Seasonal Sampler Kit

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Spring is traditionally a time for letting go of old habits and emotions and moving forward with new growth.  From spring-cleaning of our homes to clearing out the cobwebs of our minds and hearts, spring is all about freshness, revitalization and a burgeoning of the earth’s life force.  The box is one of our beautiful, handmade boxes from Nepal.


Spring Sampler

Organic Jojoba oil – Jojoba oil is an excellent carrier and skin care oil. In composition, it is very similar to our skin’s natural sebum. Jojoba has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and helps to clear and reduce acne on acne prone skin. To dilute an essential oil or blend for use on the skin, add 3 drops essential oil or blend to 1 tsp jojoba oil.


Ingredients: organic jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis). 5 ml sample.


Immune System Strengthener – Use a few drops of this lemony, herbaceous blend every day to support and strengthen your immune system. Use in diffuser or nebulizer.  Create a vapor steam bath by adding 5-10 drops to your bath water. Put a few drops into your hands or washcloth while in the shower, inhale deeply, and massage your entire body with the oils. You’ll feel invigorated and tingly.


Ingredients: organic lemon oil (Citrus limon), organic thyme oil (Thymus vulgaris ct. Linalool), and niaouli oil (Melaleuca quinquenervia). 1 ml sample.


Clearing and Cleansing Inhalation Blend – Created specifically to utilize the oils’ properties as expectorants and decongestants for the lungs and sinus. Helps loosen bronchial secretions when used in a vaporizer or steam bath so that they can be coughed up. Dilute in carrier oil (jojoba or olive) and rub into bottom and top of feet and massage back of neck and chest. Not recommended for children under 6 years old.


Ingredients: organic eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus radiata), organic thyme oil (Thymus vulgaris ct Linalool), and organic peppermint oil (Mentha piperita). 1 ml sample.


Opening and Awakening Blend – This blend is designed to open and awaken our senses, to open and awaken us to joyful consciousness, to spring, and to new beginnings. Use in a diffuser or nebulizer to create a special atmosphere. Place a few drops on a tissue and inhale deeply.


Ingredients: organic geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), neroli (Citrus aurantium), organic peppermint (Mentha piperita), and organic frankincense (Boswellia carteri). 1 ml sample.


Uplift – Spring cleaning for stuck emotional energies! Our Uplift oil has a fresh, sweet, energizing and uplifting aroma. Note: Like other citrus oils, Grapefruit is photo-sensitizing. Do not expose area of application to the sun or UV light for 12-24 hours after use.

Ingredients: organic pink grapefruit (Citrus paradisi).



Transforming Anxiety – According to TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) anxiety, apprehension and disharmony are experienced in the heart and the mind. We have created two different blends to address these two distinct experiences of anxiety:


Transforming Anxiety of the Heart – We created this warm, rosy and yet grounding synergy of essential oils to address anxiety based in the heart. Use in a diffuser or nebulizer. Dilute in a small amount of carrier oil and use as a perfume. Gently massage into the heart region.


Ingredients: Turkish rose absolute (Rosa damascena), organic palmarosa oil (Cymbopogon martinii), and vetiver oil (Vetiveria zizanioides). 1 ml sample.


Transforming Anxiety of the Mind – We created this citrusy, herbaceous blend with a balsamic undertone to help calm and quiet the mind. Use in diffuser or nebulizer and take deep clearing inhalations.


Ingredients: organic Himalayan cedarwood oil (Cedrus deodora), neroli oil (Citrus aurantium), and organic fine French lavender AOC oil (Lavandula angustifolia). 1 ml sample.


Calming Bath Blend – “When in doubt, take a bath” – Mae West. Nothing can be more calming, uplifting, relaxing, and healing to the body, mind and soul than a warm bath.  A tub of warm water enhanced with this luxuriously fragranced bouquet of essential oils is one of the most wonderful ways to enjoy aromatherapy.


Ingredients: Himalayan lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), sandalwood (Santalum austrocaledonicum), and wildcrafted ylang ylang (Cananga odorata). 1 ml sample.


Organic Lavender Hydrosol – Hydrosols are the water phase of the distillation of aromatic plants. They are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Lavender hydrosol is excellent as a skin toner and freshener. It is ideal for treating dry, damaged skin, heat rash, and sunburn.


Ingredients: organic lavender hydrosol (Lavendula angustifolia). 5 ml sample


Beltane Sensuality Massage Oil – This lovely synergy of essential oils in jojoba celebrates the exuberance and fecundity of spring! Beltane, celebrated by the Gaelic Nations, is the time of sacred marriage of the goddess and the god, the queen and the king. Share with a friend for an exciting and sensual massage experience. Can also be used as an enticing and intoxicating perfume.


Ingredients: organic jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis), sandalwood (Santalum austrocaledonicum), jasmine sambac absolute (Jasminum sambac), balsam of Peru (Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae), wildcrafted ylang ylang complete (Cananga odorata), organic palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), and organic pink grapefruit (Citrus paradisi). 5 ml sample.


Baby Bath Blend – This gentle, calming, and comforting blend of organic fine lavender and Roman chamomile will help calm and settle your baby. Add 1 drop to 1 tablespoon of milk, mix well, and add to the warm bath water. Swish into the water so that it completely disperses. Do not use straight in the bath since the oil does not disperse well with water.


Ingredients: organic fine French lavender AOC (Lavandula angustifolia) and organic Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis). 1 ml sample.


Calming the Child – Help calm and focus the hyperactive child with this synergy of essential oils.

Use in a nebulizer in the child’s room for a restful sleep or a diffuser during the day being careful with candles and open flames. Add 2 -3 drops to a warm bath, swish the oil around to disperse the blend. Dilute a few drops in 1 tsp jojoba for a calming foot massage.


Ingredients: organic fine French lavender AOC (Lavandula angustifolia), organic Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis), sandalwood oil (Santalum austrocaledonicum), tangerine  (Citrus reticulata), organic Himalayan cedarwood oil (Cedrus deodora), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), and organic coriander seed oil (Coriandrum sativum). 1 ml. Sample.



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