Burn Relief


Our burn relief oil contains lavender essential oil. It is excellent for cooling minor skin burns and irritations. 1/6 oz (5 ml).


Our Burn Relief oil is a wonderful oil to treat minor burns and scaldings as well as sunburns. René Gattefossé, the father of aromatherapy, discovered the powers of 100% lavender oil in relieving pain from burns. After an explosion in his laboratory he doused his burns with pure lavender oil and noticed an immediate healing action and reduction in pain.
How to use:

  • Apply direct without dilution.
  • Cover large burns with gauze.
  • Repeat application every few hours.

Ingredients: lavender essential oil (Lavendula angustifolia).

Additional information

Weight 1.45 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2.25 in