Natural Home Care Kit


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Instead of using synthetic and possibly toxic chemicals to clean your home, use our essential oil Home Care Kit to help make your home a toxic free environment. These 5 essential oil blends disinfect and purify, they have anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties and will leave your home smelling fresh and clean. Our kit includes blends for cleaning and disinfecting your floors, countertops, laundry and furniture.


An assembly of the most helpful essential oils for cleaning the home! These 100% organic oils will leave your home clean and fresh. An ecologically healthy alternative to synthetic based cleansers.
Floor Cleaner, 2 oz.: organic lemongrass from South Africa, a wonderful citrusy fragrance; Himalayan cedarwood, adds a woody, evergreen fragrance and is purifying; and tea tree oil, a spicy-camphoraceous fragrence with strong anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties.
Surface Cleaner, 2 oz.: organic rosemary linalool, which has a fresh minty and herbaceous scent, organic lemon, which has a light uplifting citrus scent, and organic eucalyptus radiata, which has a clear, clean, and woodsy scent.
Furniture Polish, 2 oz.: organic sunflower oil, organic lemon oil, and organic Himalayan cedarwood oil will leave your house smelling warm, clean, and fresh.
Washer Blend, 2 oz.: organic eucaliptus radiata oil, organic lavandin grosso oil, and organic lemon will give your laundry a fresh, clean scent and rids your bedding, towels, etc. of dust mites.

Dryer 2 oz.: organic lavadin grosso oil from France has a wonderfully strong floral-herbaceous scent and organic lemon oil for a fresh uplifting citrus scent. Your laundry will smell beautifully fresh and clean.

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