Services - ETS4U


  • Predecessor/Successor analysis (mergers and acquisitions)
  • Potential Wage credits (federal and state)
  • SUI reserve transfer analysis
  • Registrations and correspondence
  • State Unemployment Voluntary Contribution evaluation
  • Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan (SUBP) analysis
  • Commuter Benefit Plan study
  • Common Paymaster review
  • Employer Appointment of Agent Analysis
  • State Unemployment Joint Accounts consideration and analysis
  • Evaluate the performance of your unemployment TPA and/or assist in a selection process


  • Streamlining federal and state payroll tax compliance

    Analyze the benefits of outsourcing or in sourcing current payroll and employment tax responsibilities

  • State and/or federal employment tax filing and deposit review
  • Federal, state and local registration filings
  • Prepare federal and state amended payroll tax returns (Forms 940, 941c, W-2c, W3c, etc) if needed
  • Best practices comparison and review
  • Payroll tax compliance automation
  • Review the current taxable treatment of special wage payments and fringe benefits


  • Independent contractor vs. Employee

  • Inventory of current and prior Independent Contractors
  • Reverse audit to determine potential exposure and liability
  • Random sampling of independent contractor payments - review Forms 1099 MISC for the last 1,2 or 3 years
  • Worker misclassification federal and state audit defense
  • Provide defense for payroll tax audits conducted by federal and state agents concerning reconciliation and adjustments to Forms W-3c, W-2c, 941c and 940
  • FLSA exempt v nonexempt status review