July Astrology Forecast – Expansion, Discipline, Magic

  EXPANSION DISCIPLINE MAGIC This month we have a triad of themes all working together to provide an incredible opportunity for accelerated growth, change and evolution. The themes may seem paradoxical and even contrary to each other but their cooperative … Continue reading

Solstice Update

Wishing you a  sacred Solstice and a Wonderful Holiday Season form all of us at Ancient Ways Botanicals. The following is written by Lena Stevens of www.thepowerpath.com Dear Friends, The Winter Solstice is on Friday, December 21 at 3:11 AM … Continue reading

Chakra Yoga with Essential Oils

What a wonderful way to spend the morning yesterday.  Keri Johnson, our aromatherapist and yoga instructor, held a chakra balancing yoga workshop in preparation for the solstice. She lead us through 4 asanas for each chakra. She put a drop … Continue reading

Awaken to the Beauty of the World: Aromas for the Cosmic Shift

This Winter solstice marks a time of significant transition.  It marks a transition from selfishness to brotherhood, from individualism to collectivism and from an anthropocentric life to a biocentric life.  According to the Mayan calendar this solstice marks the beginning … Continue reading

A Ceremony to Celebrate the Solstice

This Winter solstice, coming up on December 21, 2012 at 3:11 AM Pacific Time, is especially important.  It marks a time of transition.  According to the Mayan calendar this solstice marks the beginning of the age of flowers. It marks … Continue reading

How do you use essential oils in yoga?

  “Oils are so precious.  We need to honor the oils and the plants.  If the world were black and white, essential oils would make it have color.  They awaken our senses.  They bring depth, light and color to the … Continue reading