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Employment taxes represent the single largest tax payment made by U.S. companies today- fully 35% or more of all tax dollars paid to the federal, state and local taxing jurisdictions. However, given the diverse and complex nature of employment tax laws, most companies do not have the resources and time to manage their employment taxes in a professional and timely manner.

The responsibility to deal with employment tax issues is usually thrust upon the payroll department whose ultimate charge is ensuring that every employee is paid accurately, timely and with their benefits clearly defined and reported. Even if a company has a third party payroll provider, or in some cases because they do, the payroll department usually does not have the luxury of determining what is the right answer but rather what is most expedient.

Employment Tax Services (ETS) can provide practical and value-added solutions that can help clients manage their payroll tax responsibilities by reducing administrative time and effort, identifying and implementing tax saving strategies and eliminating and/or lessening potential tax liabilities.